Bridal Price List and Terms


Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair  

Wedding Trial (for a three hour trial)


£25 per hour will be charged after the first three hours

Bride on the day £120
Mother of the Bride - wash and blow dry £35
Mother of the Bride -hair up £45
Bridesmaid  £45 to £75
Bridal Makeup  
Trial for the Bride £100
Bride on the day £120
Mother of the Bride on the day £65
Bridesmaids £55




For a guaranteed wedding date, a deposit of 50% is required, ideally at your trial, if you want time to consider, that is fine and your date will be held for one week (only if the date is more than one month away), after which it will be released for other brides. Most brides however prefer to pay in full in advance of the actual day in order to avoid handling money on the day, if paying in advance then a cheque is suitable, however if paying on the day then it must be in cash.

Customer Cancellations and Amendments

For cancellations a minimum of four weeks' notice must be given, otherwise the deposit will be lost. This is because the date will have been booked and allocated time in the diary and will have blocked out that time to your wedding, other customers are hence turned away.

For amendments to the booking two weeks' notice must be given otherwise the full amount (less deposit) being due on the day, this is because it has been known that a whole bridal party to be booked with other bridal bokings being turned away, and then on the day bridesmaids have decided not to have hair done, resulting in loss business.

Travel Costs

Travel costs are a necessary evil and with today's rising fuel prices which means we do have to pass some of this cost onwards. Therefore travel of up to a twenty mile round trip is included within the price. After which there will be a 45p per mile surcharge. This will be clearly shown on your quotation.